I help sophisticated brands and people like you understand your audience, communicate your vision, and sell with story.

I recently helped these divas bring their visions to life.

                   JANELL STEPHENS
                       CAMILLE ROSE

                       NGOZI OPARA
                       HEAT FREE HAIR

                     KIMBERLY SMITH

                    FUNLAYO ALABI
                      SHEA RADIANCE

Punkyflair is a brand shop dedicated to helping you communicate everything that makes your brand amazing.

Hey, I’m Amber!

Nice to finally meet you! Here, I work with ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself on a mission to build brands that withstand the test of time. Since launching my company in 2015, I’ve crafted STORIES that SELL for brands like Camille Rose Naturals, Heat Free Hair, LoveWrite, and Shea Radiance. Together, we’ve created better ways to cut through the clutter and connect with the customers who matter.  I can’t wait to do the same for you!

“The way we talk to our customers now is totally different. They’re responding to our message and our business is growing.”

-CEO, Heat Free Hair

Story is the Answer.

Great marketing is rooted in story. The best brands tell their story in a way that compels the right customers to act. Without a brand story, your competition can easily mimic you – kicking you out of the very industry you could be leading. At PunkyFlair, I craft brand stories that help businesses stake their claim in the marketplace and connect to the customers who will buy from them now and forever.