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How much of a difference would it make if your customers responded to every single thing that you said?  What if they regularly engaged with you on social media, opened ALL of your emails, and purchased your products as soon as they were released? It all can happen with the right brand message.

“Who Are You Talking To?” was created to help you understand your customers so you can talk to them in a way that gets them to buy!

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All you need is the right language.

Customers like to be talked to in a certain way – from their friends, from their family members, and especially from the brands that are so desperately vying for their attention and their wallets. Start speaking your customers’ language TODAY!

Tailored Messaging Is The Answer.

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More Sales

Stronger Connections

Better Social Media Engagement

Clearer Messages

More Repeat Customers

Increased Community

Hey, I’m Amber!

I’m a brand storyteller who helps businesses like yours get clear on how to talk to their customers in a way that gets them to buy.  Over the past 4 years, I’ve helped clients like Camille Rose Naturals, Heat Free Hair, and Shea Radiance cut through the clutter and connect with the customers who matter.  I’ve rebranded million-dollar businesses, named global beauty collections, and molded magnetic brand personalities for some of the leading beauty and tech companies in business today. You can download my new brand messaging guide below!

"Amber helped me understand what our customers really wanted from us. As a result, the way we talk to them is totally different. Now, they're finally responding to our message and our business is growing!"

Ngozi Opara, Founder & CEO, Heat Free Hair

3 Unconventional Ways to Tailor Your Brand Message.

Download the FREE guide below and start speaking to your customers in a way that gets them to finally buy from you!