Let’s Voiceover, shall we?
You didn’t start your business yesterday, but something still feels undone. You have a compelling story, but no clear way of expressing it. The people who you want to reach aren’t buying because you’re not speaking their language.  And every day, the standstill is causing you to lose money and miss opportunities. You need a Brand “Voiceover” and fast. In this accelerated 10-day service, I’ll give you the exact language you need to attract the right customers and compel them to act now.
Brand Narrative

    Walk away with a language playbook that spells out your brand “voice”
and key messaging. Best of all, get
that big one-liner that sums up
who you are, what you’re selling, and
why you’re the best.

“About” Page
The “About” page of your
website defines exactly who you
are and what you have to offer
in the language that resonates
with exactly who you want to
reach. Consider it done.
Voice Activation
Now that we have the right
language, I’ll show you exactly
how to activate your new brand
voice on your website, in your
email communication, and on
social media.

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